Top 10 Dividend Stocks to Watch: May 30 – June 5, 2023

10. ALL – The Allstate Corporation

Forward Yield (%): 3.25%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-06-01

The Allstate Corporation is a leader in the insurance industry, with a long history of consistent dividend payments. Investors can rely on its performance due to its strong market presence and established history.

9. DHIL – Diamond Hill Investment Group

Forward Yield (%): 3.67%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-05-31

Diamond Hill Investment Group is a renowned company in the financial sector. Their portfolio management and investment consulting services have a solid reputation in the industry. Furthermore, they have a stable history of dividends.

8. LCII – LCI Industries

Forward Yield (%): 3.78%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-06-01

LCI Industries operates in the consumer discretionary sector. They are known for their diversified portfolio of products and have a rich history of steady dividends.

7. MAN – ManpowerGroup Inc.

Forward Yield (%): 4.06%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-05-31

ManpowerGroup Inc. is a leading workforce solutions company operating worldwide. They have a solid track record in the industry and a history of regular dividends.

6. SWK – Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Forward Yield (%): 4.07%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-06-02

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing of industrial tools and household hardware. Known for their strong dividend history, they remain a reliable choice for investors.

5. MTB – M&T Bank Corporation

Forward Yield (%): 4.21%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-05-31

M&T Bank Corporation is a prominent player in the banking sector. They have a storied history of consistent growth and regular dividends, making them a solid addition to any investment portfolio.

4. SAFT – Safety Insurance Group, Inc.

Forward Yield (%): 4.98%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-05-31

Safety Insurance Group, Inc. is an insurance provider known for its dedicated customer service and consistent performance. They have a stable history of dividends that adds to their appeal among investors.

3. APTVpA – Aptiv PLC

Forward Yield (%): 5.41%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-05-31

Aptiv PLC is a global technology company focusing on the automotive industry. They have a robust history of innovation and growth, combined with a consistent record of dividend payments.

2. PXD – Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Forward Yield (%): 6.43%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-05-31

Pioneer Natural Resources Company is a leader in the exploration and production of oil and gas. They are known for their operational excellence and have a significant history of dividends.

1. SLMBP – SLM Corporation

Forward Yield (%): 12.14%

Ex-Dividend Date: 2023-06-01

SLM Corporation, more commonly known as Sallie Mae, is a leading provider of student loans in the United States. They have a significant market presence and a longstanding history of dividends, offering an enticing option for investors seeking yield.