Top 30 Weekly Stock to Buy: May 23, 2023

30. VSAT – Viasat Inc.

7-day change (%): 19.58%

Viasat Inc. is a communications company based in Carlsbad, California. Known for providing high-speed satellite broadband services and secure networking systems covering military and commercial markets.

29. CSIQ – Canadian Solar Inc.

7-day change (%): 19.68%

Canadian Solar Inc. is a publicly traded company that manufactures solar PV modules and runs large scale solar projects. They have a strong history and are known for their high-quality, high-efficiency solar products.

28. MOND – Mondi PLC

7-day change (%): 19.7%

Mondi plc is an international packaging and paper group, employing around 26,000 people across more than 30 countries. They offer over 100 packaging and paper products, which are customised into more than 100,000 solutions for customers.

27. SCPL – SciPlay Corporation

7-day change (%): 19.94%

SciPlay Corporation is a leading developer and publisher of digital games on mobile and web platforms. It provides highly entertaining free-to-play games that millions of people play every day for their authenticity, engagement and fun.

26. TSLL – TS Select Lifestyle and Travel Ltd.

7-day change (%): 20.4%

TS Select Lifestyle and Travel Ltd is a company that specializes in lifestyle and travel business. Please refer to the most recent company profiles for a detailed description. (The company was not found in the dataset up to 2021)

  • Previous Close: $10.86
  • 28-day change (%): 23.83%
  • 56-day change (%): -4.9%
  • Risk: 7
  • Yahoo Finance Link

25. FARO – FARO Technologies, Inc.

7-day change (%): 20.45%

FARO Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports software driven, three-dimensional (3D) measurement, imaging, and realization systems.

24. WALpA – Western Alliance Bancorporation

7-day change (%): 20.59%

Western Alliance Bancorporation is a bank holding company which provides a full spectrum of deposit, lending, treasury management, international banking, and online banking products and services through its banking subsidiary.

23. ALPN – Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc.

7-day change (%): 21.22%

Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc. is a leading company focused on developing innovative treatments for immunological diseases. Alpine has pioneered a novel approach to immunotherapy, designed to predict and overcome complex immune responses.

22. GLOB – Globant S.A.

7-day change (%): 21.47%

Globant S.A. is a Luxembourg-based company engaged in the technology sector. It provides services such as digital strategy, creative and design consulting, technology services, which includes application development and maintenance, testing, and infrastructure management.

21. TWLO – Twilio Inc.

7-day change (%): 21.8%

Twilio Inc. is a cloud communications platform, allowing software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its APIs. It serves clients in various industries, including technology, financial services, healthcare, retail, and transportation.

20. SGH – SMART Global Holdings, Inc.

7-day change (%): 21.94%

SMART Global Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in high-performance memory solutions, LED lighting technology, and Brazil and Latin America IT products distribution and services.

19. WAL – Western Alliance Bancorporation

7-day change (%): 23.08%

Western Alliance Bancorporation is a bank holding company which provides a full spectrum of deposit, lending, treasury management, international banking, and online banking products and services through its banking subsidiary.

18. PLTR – Palantir Technologies Inc.

7-day change (%): 24.37%

Palantir Technologies Inc. specializes in creating the world’s leading software for data-driven decisions and operations. The company works across a range of sectors, providing the public and private sectors with the software they need to address the challenges they face in their work.

17. CRDO – Cardo Medical Inc.

7-day change (%): 25.09%

Cardo Medical Inc. is a global orthopaedic medical device company focused on developing and marketing reconstructive joint devices and spinal surgical devices. (Note: As of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, I could not find much recent information about this company.)

  • Previous Close: $10.77
  • 28-day change (%): 27.91%
  • 56-day change (%): 21.01%
  • Risk: 8
  • Yahoo Finance Link

16. SYM – Synthomer plc

7-day change (%): 26.54%

Synthomer is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of aqueous polymers and has leadership positions in many markets. Its polymers help customers create new products and enhance the performance of existing products in key industries such as coatings, construction, textiles, paper and synthetic latex gloves.

15. CUBI – Customers Bancorp, Inc.

7-day change (%): 28.3%

Customers Bancorp, Inc. is a bank holding company of Customers Bank, a state-chartered bank in Pennsylvania. It provides banking services to small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, individuals and families.

14. MSGE – Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.

7-day change (%): 28.32%

Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. engages in the entertainment business. It produces, presents, or hosts various live entertainment events, including concerts, family shows, and special events, as well as sporting events such as professional boxing, college basketball, professional bull riding, mixed martial arts, esports, and college hockey.

13. IMVT – Immunovant, Inc.

7-day change (%): 29.01%

Immunovant, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on enabling normal lives for patients with autoimmune diseases. It develops IMVT-1401, a novel, fully human monoclonal antibody, which is in phase IIb clinical trial for the treatment of myasthenia gravis and thyroid eye disease, and also has completed initiation of phase II clinical trial for the treatment of warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

12. KRYS – Krystal Biotech, Inc.

7-day change (%): 30.52%

Krystal Biotech, Inc., a gene therapy company, develops and commercializes pharmaceutical products for patients suffering from dermatological diseases in the United States. The company has a robust pipeline of gene therapy products in various stages of clinical development.

11. BEEM – Beam Global

7-day change (%): 31.7%

Beam Global, formerly known as Envision Solar, is a CleanTech leader that produces innovative, sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media, and energy security, without the construction, disruption, risks and costs of grid-tied solutions.

10. VYGR – Voyager Therapeutics, Inc.

7-day change (%): 33.17%

Voyager Therapeutics is a clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on developing life-changing treatments for severe neurological diseases. Voyager is committed to advancing the field of AAV (adeno-associated virus) gene therapy through innovation and investment in vector engineering and optimization, manufacturing, and dosing and delivery techniques.

9. UPST – Upstart Holdings, Inc.

7-day change (%): 36.48%

Upstart Holdings, Inc. operates a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform. The company’s platform aggregates consumer demand for loans and connects it to its network of the company’s AI-enabled bank partners. Its platform connects consumers, banks, and institutional investors through a shared AI lending platform.

8. VECT – VectivBio Holding AG

7-day change (%): 37.61%

VectivBio Holding AG, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel treatments for severe rare conditions for which there is a significant unmet medical need. The company is developing apraglutide, a next-generation, long-acting synthetic peptide analog for the treatment of short bowel syndrome.

7. GOCO – GoHealth, Inc.

7-day change (%): 38.14%

GoHealth, Inc. operates as a health insurance marketplace and Medicare-focused digital health company in the United States. It offers consumers and small businesses health insurance products and services online, over the phone, and through a network of agents.

6. SDGR – Schrödinger, Inc.

7-day change (%): 40.72%

Schrödinger, Inc. provides computational software solutions for drug discovery and materials science. It operates through two segments, Software and Drug Discovery. The company’s platform integrates solutions for predictive modeling and data analysis to enable collaboration and multi-disciplinary decision-making.

5. IONQ – IonQ, Inc.

7-day change (%): 47.96%

IonQ, Inc. is a leader in quantum computing, an emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to process information. Their cutting-edge systems aim to transform the capabilities of computation and unlock new possibilities across a variety of industries.

4. ZWZZT – Test Stock

7-day change (%): 88.51%

Test Stock (ZWZZT) is a fictitious ticker symbol used by NASDAQ for testing purposes. Its price data does not represent a real company’s performance and should not be considered for investment purposes.

  • Previous Close: $41.0
  • 28-day change (%): 105.0%
  • 56-day change (%): 141.18%
  • Risk: N/A
  • Yahoo Finance Link
  • Website Link: N/A

3. GHL – Greenhill & Co., Inc.

7-day change (%): 113.7%

Greenhill & Co., Inc. is an independent investment bank that provides financial and strategic advice to a diverse client base, including corporations, governments, and financial sponsors. The company assists its clients in major strategic decisions, such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, among others.

2. HEPA – Hepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

7-day change (%): 189.25%

Hepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., formerly known as ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company involved in the development of targeted therapies for liver disease arising from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and chronic hepatitis virus infection.

1. BHG – Bright Health Group, Inc.

7-day change (%): 8383.15%

Bright Health Group, Inc. is a healthcare company providing a diverse set of health insurance and health technology products and services. They aim to deliver better health outcomes at lower costs through a more efficient, seamless healthcare experience.