Top 30 Weekly Stock to Buy: August 26, 2023

30. – NXGN – NextGen Healthcare, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 10.87%

NextGen Healthcare, Inc. Common Stock provides integrated technology, services, and analytics to healthcare organizations to reduce costs and improve patient care. It has enjoyed a steady growth history and is currently a leader in the healthcare technology industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 11.08%
  • 56-day change (%): 10.67%

29. – CBAY – Cymabay Therapeutics

7-day change (%): 11.11%

Cymabay Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical focused on developing small molecule drugs targeting metabolic, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Its track record of potential growth is strong, with consistent yearly increase in share prices.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.49%
  • 56-day change (%): 20.55%

28. – MTSI – MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc

7-day change (%): 11.31%

MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc is a semiconductor solutions provider for the telecommunications, defense, industrial, and medical markets. These solutions are tied to the longevity of global communications, making the company a consistent driver of strong growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 16.15%
  • 56-day change (%): 22.14%

27. – CRDO – Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 11.63%

Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd Ordinary Shares is a technology holding company that provides a range of services and products in the IT industry. Its consistent growth over the years has made it one of the top 30 weekly fast-growth stocks.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -7.40%
  • 56-day change (%): -9.75%

26. – RVMD – Revolution Medicines, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 11.88%

Revolution Medicines, Inc. Common Stock is a biotechnology leader developing novel medicines to redefine cancer treatment for both adults and children. It has consistently grown rapidly, making it a top choice for fast-growth stocks.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 28.90%
  • 56-day change (%): 23.89%

25. – UI – Ubiquiti Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 11.94%

Ubiquiti Inc. Common Stock provides hardware and software solutions for networking technology. It has seen consistent and stable growth over its history, making it a great stock for long-term investments.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 0.85%
  • 56-day change (%): 1.05%

24. – DRD – DRDGOLD Ltd.

7-day change (%): 12.04%

DRDGOLD Ltd. is involved in the gold mining process, providing sustainable growth in the precious metals domain. Its history of consistent performance, secure sources, and responsible environmental practices make it a trusted leader.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -4.49%
  • 56-day change (%): -1.88%

23. – MNSO – MINISO Group Holding Limited American Depositary Shares, each representing four Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 12.26%

MINISO Group Holding Limited American Depositary Shares is a retail-focused company that designs, manufactures, and sells a range of consumer products. It has had a history of stable growth, making it a reliable investment for those looking to capitalize on fast-growth stock rankings.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.71%
  • 56-day change (%): 33.14%

22. – WKME – WalkMe Ltd. Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 12.47%

WalkMe Ltd. Ordinary Shares is a pioneering cloud-based guidance and engagement platform that simplifies digital adoption. It has achieved consistent, high growth in the field of digital transformation for the last decade.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 18.54%
  • 56-day change (%): 5.21%

21. – CAMT – Camtek Ltd

7-day change (%): 12.70%

Camtek Ltd is a multinational provider of metrology and inspection systems used in the Semiconductor and PCB industries. Its strong historical growth makes it a reliable choice for investors looking for stability in stock performance.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 9.77%
  • 56-day change (%): 45.69%

20. – HOLI – Hollsys Automation Technologies INTERNATIONAL, LTD. COMMON (British Virgin Island)

7-day change (%): 12.82%

Hollsys Automation Technologies INTERNATIONAL, LTD. COMMON (British Virgin Island) is a global provider of automation technologies with stable growth over time. It focuses on manufacturing and distributing products for the process automation industries, providing solutions that ensure overall efficiency and productivity.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.64%
  • 56-day change (%): 6.54%

19. – GES – Guess?, Inc.

7-day change (%): 13.13%

Guess?, Inc. is a global fashion retailer, offering up-to-the-minute apparel and accessories for the modern woman – and man. With attractive and consistent growth in recent years, Guess? is an increasingly stable stock to watch.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 9.26%
  • 56-day change (%): 16.50%

18. – FSLY – Fastly, Inc.

7-day change (%): 13.74%

Fastly, Inc. is an edge cloud platform providing secure content delivery, streaming and caching services. Its growth has been steady and strong for the past few years.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 24.11%
  • 56-day change (%): 39.06%

17. – S – SentinelOne, Inc.

7-day change (%): 14.43%

SentinelOne, Inc. is a cyber security firm that offers advanced threat prevention and endpoint protection solutions. It has recorded strong growth in its short history, making it a top 30 fast-growth stock pick.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.04%
  • 56-day change (%): 9.74%

16. – OSIS – OSI Systems Inc

7-day change (%): 15.00%

OSI Systems Inc is a diversified provider of specialized electronic systems and services for the security, healthcare, and defense industries. With a stable history of growth, it is a trusted leader in its field and a top performer in our weekly rankings.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 13.94%
  • 56-day change (%): 13.75%

15. – GRPN – Groupon, Inc.Common Stock

7-day change (%): 15.06%

Groupon, Inc. Common Stock is an innovative e-commerce company that provides consumers with discounts and promotions on goods and services. The company has seen steady growth in its history due to its user-friendly, easily accessible platform.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 61.47%
  • 56-day change (%): 119.80%

14. – DYN – Dyne Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 16.00%

Dyne Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock offers innovative gene therapies for genetic diseases and has seen steady growth over the years.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 1.02%
  • 56-day change (%): 5.69%

13. – ANF – Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

7-day change (%): 16.11%

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is a clothing retailer specializing in casual apparel for the youth market. It has seen steady growth over the years, with strong returns for investors.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 25.46%
  • 56-day change (%): 33.12%

12. – AVNW – Aviat Networks, Inc.

7-day change (%): 16.17%

Aviat Networks, Inc. is a leading communications infrastructure provider specialized in wireless backhaul solutions. In its history of rapid growth, it has been providing secure, reliable, and advanced products to its customers.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 8.79%
  • 56-day change (%): -0.96%

11. – XPEV – XPeng Inc. American depositary shares, each representing two Class A ordinary shares

7-day change (%): 17.02%

XPeng Inc. is an innovative Chinese electric vehicle company, providing market leading electric vehicles, autopilot driving and a premium user experience. It has seen incredible growth since its inception with stable and sustained financial performance.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -25.05%
  • 56-day change (%): 30.63%

10. – RCUS – Arcus Biosciences, Inc.

7-day change (%): 18.64%

Ranked at 10 this week is Arcus Biosciences, Inc. The biopharmaceutical company is focused on developing cancer immunotherapies and effective treatments for other serious and life-threatening diseases. Arcus develops small molecule drug candidates that focus on modulation of the innate and adaptive immune system. The company has been well-established with steady growth throughout its history, with the most recent evidence of success seen in their latest collaboration agreement with Eli Lilly and Company.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 13.52%
  • 56-day change (%): 11.23%

9. – SPLK – Splunk Inc

7-day change (%): 18.93%

Splunk Inc has taken the 9th spot in this week’s top 30 fastest growing stocks. Splunk Inc is a cloud-based software company providing products related to intelligence and analytics, including data mining, data analysis, and more. To date, the company has seen impressive and stable growth since its founding in 2003, making it a wise bet for savvy and cautious investors who want to get in on a stable, yet expansive, tech-based organization.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 11.00%
  • 56-day change (%): 9.28%

8. – ESTE – Earthstone Energy Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 18.98%

Earthstone Energy, Inc. Class A Common Stock ranks 8th this week in our weekly list of fast-growth stocks. It is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Texas, with operations throughout the United States. The company has gained momentum due to its notable and consistent growth rate, with almost five-years of consistent increases in production and sales, showing promise for further financial growth in the future.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 21.22%
  • 56-day change (%): 35.13%

7. – TWNK – Hostess Brands, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.26%

This week Hostess Brands, Inc. Class A Common Stock is ranked 7 on our top 30 list of fast-growing stocks. Hostess Brands is a leading manufacturer and marketer of snack cakes, pies, donuts, and other products sold in retail stores through its iconic brands which include Twinkies, Ho Hos, CupCakes, and Ding Dongs. Its enduring success is marked by the wide variety of products they continue to develop and the reliable growth rates of their stock.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 11.71%
  • 56-day change (%): 6.64%

6. – ACMR – ACM Research, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.29%

ACM Research, Inc. Class A Common Stock is ranked at #6 this week in the top 30 fast growth stocks. ACM Research is a provider of advanced, in-process wafer cleaning technologies used in the production of semiconductors. Built on a history of consistent growth, ACM is a standout leader in its industry, making it a great investing opportunity.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 21.63%
  • 56-day change (%): 18.65%

5. – AFRM – Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 22.69%

Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock ranks in this week’s top five. Affirm is a financial technology services company providing online payment services in the United States. It is a fintech provider that offers “pay-over-time” options to consumers whose traditional credit score may not reflect their creditworthiness. With its innovative payment technologies,Affirm has achieved consistent, exponential growth, reinforcing its commitment to helping consumers access secure financing.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 3.01%
  • 56-day change (%): 16.05%

4. – TSAT – Telesat Corporation Class A Common Shares and Class B Variable Voting Shares

7-day change (%): 27.18%

This week Telesat Corporation Class A Common Shares and Class B Variable Voting Shares rank 4th on our list of top 30 weekly fast-growth stocks. Telesat is a global leader in satellite communication solutions, providing reliable, high-speed, low-latency connections to customers around the world for more than four decades. The company is renowned for its strong record of past growth, stability and dividends, making it a great long-term investment choice.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 105.16%
  • 56-day change (%): 98.20%

3. – APLS – Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 33.02%

Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock has earned a spot in the top three of this week’s rapidly growing stocks rankings. Apellis, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, develops novel therapies to treat systemic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Their current technologies are focused primarily on complement-mediated diseases, where the company looks to exploit their immuno-modulatory platform to prevent, reverse, or reduce the symptoms of these diseases. With a successful track record of developing innovative treatments, Apellis continues to push the boundaries in complement-mediated disease management. Their investigatory pipeline covers a variety of debilitating conditions, including geographic atrophy secondary to dry age-related macular degeneration, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. The company’s breadth of research and development efforts spans the entire spectrum of complement-mediated diseases, including rare biological conditions. Apellis has experienced rapid growth since its inception, and through their full-scale approach to medicine they are helping to pave the way for new treatments in the both the long and short-term.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 27.33%
  • 56-day change (%): -55.25%

2. – FN – Fabrinet

7-day change (%): 33.03%

Fabrinet comes in this week at number two on our list of top 30 fast-growth stocks, indicating impressive and steady growth over the company’s history.

Fabrinet is an optical southern technology services company based out of Bangkok, Thailand and offering services within the optics industry including fiber optics. Since its inception in 2001, Fabrinet has grown quickly and achieved a market capitalisation of over $4 billion, all of which is a testament to its experienced management team and skilled labour force.

Fabrinet has built a strong reputation as being a key provider of optical chip, passive and active devices as well as optical systems for the world’s largest optics companies. Along with its expertise in prototyping and volume production, the company has become a leader when it comes to organizations searching for reliable solutions for their optical device needs.

Fabrinet has a strong presence in the optical industry and with over 250 customers in 20 countries, the company has made sure to always provide reliable output which has allowed it to grow steadily year after year with the help of strategic and aggressive marketing and strong industry-wide relationships and alliances.

Thanks to the steady growth of Fabrinet, the company has been able to build a strong and diverse portfolio of products and services and has grown into one of the leading players in the optics industry. Fabric’s impressive growth and history is an indication of the strength and stability of its products and services.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 25.99%
  • 56-day change (%): 20.71%

1. – HKIT – Hitek Global Inc. Ordinary Share

7-day change (%): 46.58%

Hitek Global Inc. Ordinary Share is currently the highest ranked company this week for fast-growth stocks. This company is a leading provider of web-enabled software solutions and technology services, offering a wide range of connected solutions to businesses and other organizations. It has established a track record of consistent and reliable growth through its products and services.

Ithave achieved a high level of success while offering clients the best possible solutions at competitive prices. Its products and services are designed to provide businesses and organizations with a competitive edge in the digital business arena. From website development and support, to mobile and cloud applications, Hitek Global Inc. serves as a trusted partner to its customers.

Its experienced team of experts has successfully managed enterprise level projects that delivered top level results and provided significant value to its clients. Hitek Global Inc. has a long history of successful growth, and is looking to continue that trend with its offerings of innovative solutions. Itwill continue to improve its technology offerings and create new products and services, to ensure that it remains competitive in the ever-changing digital marketplace.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 216.59%
  • 56-day change (%): 541.55%