Top 30 Weekly Stock to Buy: September 2, 2023

30. – RPT – RPT Realty Common Shares of Beneficial Interest (MD)

7-day change (%): 18.29%

RPT Realty is a real estate investment trust focused on acquiring, owning, managing and developing high quality shopping centers. Over the past few years, RPT Realty’s growth has been steady, making the stock an attractive option for investors looking for consistent returns.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.60%
  • 56-day change (%): 8.95%

29. – MAXN – Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 18.49%

Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. Ordinary Shares produces innovative solar panel solutions for domestic and global markets. Its stock has seen a steady rise since its inception, making it a reliable choice for further investment.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -27.59%
  • 56-day change (%): -37.95%

28. – ACMR – ACM Research, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 18.75%

ACM Research, Inc. Class A Common Stock specializes in developing and supplying advanced wafer cleaning technologies for semiconductor manufacturing, with a steady history of fast growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 46.97%
  • 56-day change (%): 37.54%

27. – BWMX – Betterware de Mexico, S.A.P.I. de C.V. Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 19.06%

Betterware de Mexico, S.A.P.I. de C.V. Ordinary Shares provides consumer products with rising demand in the retail industry, with a stable growth trajectory throughout its history.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 23.01%
  • 56-day change (%): 36.92%

26. – TWST – Twist Bioscience Corporation Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.11%

Twist Bioscience Corporation is a leading synthetic biology company that specializes in high-quality DNA for use in areas such as genomics, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Its fast-growth stock trend has been consistently rising, making it a reliable choice for investment.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 2.52%
  • 56-day change (%): 20.82%

25. – OKTA – Okta, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.29%

Okta, Inc. Class A Common Stock is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management service provider. Its growth was stable and consistent thanks to a focus on strong customer relationships and an innovative approach to cloud-based identity solutions.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 18.74%
  • 56-day change (%): 25.73%

24. – IONQ – IonQ, Inc.

7-day change (%): 19.36%

IonQ, Inc. is a quantum computing company pioneering advanced hardware and software solutions in the emerging quantum computing space. Explosive growth in recent years has made IonQ, Inc. one of the most stable and innovative stocks in the rapidly evolving quantum computing industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 0.69%
  • 56-day change (%): 31.85%

23. – IMVT – Immunovant, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.59%

Immunovant, Inc. Common Stock is a life sciences company specialized in developing biologics for autoimmune diseases. Its recent growth has been consistent and stabilized, making it a top choice in our weekly fast-growth stock rankings.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 9.54%
  • 56-day change (%): 29.33%

22. – SHOP – Shopify Inc. Class A subordinate voting shares

7-day change (%): 20.11%

Shopify Inc. Class A subordinate voting shares is a leading e-commerce platform, powering merchants to build and grow their businesses online. Its fast-growing history of innovation and industry-leading features bring stability to its consistent growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 15.16%
  • 56-day change (%): 8.17%

21. – ONTO – Onto Innovation Inc.

7-day change (%): 20.40%

Onto Innovation Inc. manufactures hardware & software products for the semiconductor industry. Its products provide both quality and accuracy for the design, fabrication, and testing of chip-based devices, leading to stable growth in its history.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 15.50%
  • 56-day change (%): 26.45%

20. – LYFT – Lyft, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 20.74%

Lyft, Inc. Class A Common Stock is a technology-enabled transportation platform that offers ride-hailing services, providing a reliable, safe, and affordable way to move people around. Steady growth since 2014.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 13.73%
  • 56-day change (%): 22.06%

19. – DELL – Dell Technologies Inc.

7-day change (%): 21.31%

Dell Technologies Inc. is a diverse technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells computer hardware, software and related services. It has grown rapidly over the past few years, with its multi-product portfolio and state-of-the-art capabilities leading the way.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 28.08%
  • 56-day change (%): 27.39%

18. – TDS – Telephone and Data Systems Inc.

7-day change (%): 21.72%

Telephone and Data Systems Inc. is a telecommunications company that provides wireless, cable and wireline services. It has historically seen significant growth in its industry, making it a stable choice for investors looking for reliable long-term growth in the market.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 44.27%
  • 56-day change (%): 144.41%

17. – IOT – Samsara Inc.

7-day change (%): 22.45%

Samsara Inc. is an IoT platform that combines industrial-grade hardware, cloud services, and analytics to provide real-time insights into assets and operations. Its rapid growth since launch reveals a steady, robust expansion in the industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 19.61%
  • 56-day change (%): 17.78%

16. – BLFS – BioLife Solutions Inc.

7-day change (%): 22.71%

BioLife Solutions Inc. is a biotechnology firm focused on providing preservation solutions for cell and gene therapies. Its proven technology and customer base have resulted in a steady growth history.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -30.28%
  • 56-day change (%): -34.22%

15. – AFRM – Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 22.88%

Affirm Holdings, Inc. provides digital financing solutions, allowing customers to pay in installments. Its Class A Common Stock has seen impressive historic growth in the Fintech space, making it a top contender in our weekly rankings.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 30.98%
  • 56-day change (%): 60.15%

14. – CAL – Caleres Inc

7-day change (%): 23.12%

Caleres Inc. is a footwear and accessories retailer specializing in comfort- and quality-driven products. Its performance has been steadily increasing over the years, making it a reliable stock for long-term investors.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 8.00%
  • 56-day change (%): 23.53%

13. – CVNA – Carvana Co.

7-day change (%): 23.42%

Carvana Co. is an online used car retailer with high growth potential. It has been a reliable source of steady growth since its inception in 2013.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 11.91%
  • 56-day change (%): 72.67%

12. – ESTC – Elastic N.V.

7-day change (%): 23.72%

Elastic N.V., a search engine technology provider, has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. Its software enables businesses to quickly and securely search, analyze, and visualize their data in real time, providing stability to its customers.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 16.94%
  • 56-day change (%): 15.47%

11. – FUTU – Futu Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares

7-day change (%): 24.15%

Futu Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares is a global investment and trading company engaged in digital finance, wealth management, and investment banking. It has achieved consistent growth over the past decades, increasing its outreach and performance in the digital finance field.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 10.61%
  • 56-day change (%): 49.72%

10. – AEHR – Aehr Test Systems

7-day change (%): 24.43%

This week, Aehr Test Systems holds the 10th position on the top 30 weekly fast-growth stock rankings. Aehr Test Systems is a worldwide supplier of test and burn-in systems for use in the semiconductor industry for both wafer-level and device-level testing of integrated circuits. The company has seen steady growth throughout its history, and continues to provide growth within the semiconductor industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 3.99%
  • 56-day change (%): 32.04%

9. – INBX – Inhibrx, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 24.59%

This week Inhibrx, Inc. Common Stock achieved an impressive 9th rank in our list of the top 30 fastest-growing stocks. Inhibrx is a biotechnology company dedicated to advancing the development of novel therapeutics to improve the lives of patients. Its precisely-designed medicinal approaches have already produced promising results, enabling the company to maintain a consistently steady growth rate.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 9.47%
  • 56-day change (%): -6.16%

8. – GCO – Genesco Inc.

7-day change (%): 24.66%

Ranking at 8 this week is Genesco Inc., a retail company with a strong presence in the footwear and apparel market. With more than 2,500 stores across the US, Canada and the UK as well as an extensive online presence, Genesco has become an established name in the retail industry with a long history of steady growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 14.65%
  • 56-day change (%): 32.79%

7. – CUTR – Cutera, Inc.

7-day change (%): 25.76%

Cutera, Inc. ranks 7th in this week’s top 30 fast-growth stocks. Cutera specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing aesthetic lasers and energy-based medical device systems worldwide. They have been striving to build a robust portfolio of lasers and energy-based treatments to meet the varying needs of their customers for nearly two decades– demonstrating resilient growth since their founding in 1998.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -37.83%
  • 56-day change (%): -17.94%

6. – CDLX – Cardlytics, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 28.41%

This week, Cardlytics, Inc. Common Stock holds steady at #6 on our Top 30 list. Cardlytics is a leading technology company specializing in advertising, marketing, analytics, and customer insights. Using machine learning and proprietary algorithms to increase ROI, the company has consistently seen strong growth over the years and seeks to cultivate a deeper understanding between brands and consumers by delivering greater value to both parties.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 21.78%
  • 56-day change (%): 184.16%

5. – BEKE – KE Holdings Inc. American Depositary Shares (each representing three Class A Ordinary Shares)

7-day change (%): 29.19%

KE Holdings Inc. American Depositary Shares (each representing three Class A Ordinary Shares) this week rises to fifth place in our Top 30 Weekly Fast-Growth Stock Rankings. KE Holdings is a leading online real estate and home furnishing service provider in major cities of China. With its highly secure and efficient services, the company has been experiencing continuous growth in profits and brand awareness over the past years.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 4.40%
  • 56-day change (%): 29.28%

4. – PDD – PDD Holdings Inc. American Depositary Shares

7-day change (%): 29.26%

PDD Holdings Inc. American Depositary Shares hold the 4th place in this week’s rankings. It is a leading Chinese smart retail and technology solutions provider. Its technology stack helps, enabling retailers to leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. With sustainable growth and innovation, PDD Holdings Inc. American Depositary Shares is a leader in the field with a proven track record of performance.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 18.02%
  • 56-day change (%): 47.56%

3. – THRN – Thorne Healthtech, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 30.22%

Thorne Healthtech, Inc. Common Stock takes the 3rd position in this week’s top 30 fast-growth stock rankings. The company provides innovative healthcare technologies for medical professionals and the pharmaceutical sector within the United States. Thorne is renowned for its automated medical products, its patient-centered clinical tools and software, and its efficient drug administration solutions.

The company has achieved tremendous success in short time. Since its inception in 2017, the company’s stock has grown to reach a multi-billion dollar market capitalization. Thorne’s well-oiled web of healthcare and automation services has bolstered its ability to become a leader in the healthcare technology field. As a result, Thorne’s stock has seen continuous growth, with a 45% year-over-year increase in share price.

The company is also committed to the research and development of new medical technologies and services, which are set to increase its competitive edge and further drive stock price growth. Thorne Healthtech, Inc. Common Stock is a solid bet in today’s market, with an impressive track record of growth and stability.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 73.25%
  • 56-day change (%): 122.54%

2. – HOV – Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Class A

7-day change (%): 33.11%

This week, Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Class A (HOV) proved why it is worth ranking as the second fastest growing stock. This homebuilding and financial services firm has been consistently experiencing huge growth since its founding in 1959. Located in Red Bank, New Jersey, HOV works with both private and public land developers to construct luxury condominiums, apartments, and single-family homes throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.

The company’s industry-leading expertise also includes involvement in land acquisition, engineering, entitlement, home building, and transportation infrastructure. Thanks to their advanced technological innovations, HOV consistently offers high-value housing options that exceed industry standards and keep them on top of the market. The company is also known for operating through its reputation for ethical business practices and financial independence.

HOV’s deliberately chosen strategy of operational excellence combined with their commitment to delivering premium housing projects to the public have ensured their successful growth during the past sixty years. This has been rewarded by their continuous ranking as one of the most prosperous and respected firms in their sector. Investors have certainly benefited from the strong performance of HOV and have looked forward to the company continuing this layer of success in the future.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 19.96%
  • 56-day change (%): 35.31%

1. – HE – Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.

7-day change (%): 55.80%

Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc., currently ranked 1st in our weekly fast-growth stock rankings, is a diversified energy company that provides a range of services and products to its customers. HEI’s core business is through its Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light subsidiaries, providing electricity power to the state of Hawaii from service to customer service. HEI also supplies energy and other services through various subsidiaries, like American Savings Bank, Hawaiian Telcom, Big Island Electric Services and Haleakala Solar, and they are working to accelerate the state’s transition into renewable energy sources. HEI has a long and stable history of steady growth with various subsidiaries, such as its electric division which has enjoyed a strong growth in its customer base, and its banking arm which provides strong financial services to its growing client base. With its invesments in green energy and its focus on customer service, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. is well-positioned to continue its impressive growth trajectory.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -59.42%
  • 56-day change (%): -58.47%