Top 30 Weekly Stock to Buy: August 19, 2023

30. – SILK – Silk Road Medical, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 7.59%

Silk Road Medical, Inc. Common Stock designs, manufactures and commercializes minimally-invasive medical devices for treating carotid artery disease. It boasts a steady record of double-digit growth and has become a leader in its field.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 4.68%
  • 56-day change (%): -35.11%

29. – GCT – GigaCloud Technology Inc Class A Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 7.65%

GigaCloud Technology Inc is a provider of cloud solutions to enterprises. Its Class A Ordinary Shares offer investors exposure to the technology sector and long-term growth from the company’s steady success in offering reliable cloud services.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 32.64%
  • 56-day change (%): 48.14%

28. – ARVN – Arvinas, Inc

7-day change (%): 7.95%

Arvinas, Inc is a biopharmaceutical company that uses innovative protein degradation technologies to develop therapies for cancer and other serious diseases. Its growth has been highly stable since its inception.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 12.46%
  • 56-day change (%): 5.61%

27. – AESI – Atlas Energy Solutions Inc.

7-day change (%): 8.07%

Atlas Energy Solutions is a fast-growing energy solutions provider specializing in renewable energy, energy storage and power management. The company has shown steady growth over the past few years, making it a great investment opportunity.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 19.28%
  • 56-day change (%): 35.94%

26. – VERX – Vertex, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 8.24%

Vertex, Inc. is a leading biotechnology company specializing in the development of medicines for rare and serious diseases. Its impressive track record of research and development, combined with a stable growth rate, make it a strong contender in the rapidly-expanding biotech industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.96%
  • 56-day change (%): 8.81%

25. – CCRN – Cross Country Healthcare Inc

7-day change (%): 8.43%

Cross Country Healthcare Inc is a healthcare staffing and workforce solutions company. It specializes in providing individuals and healthcare organizations with reliable healthcare workforce, enabling stable growth for both parties over its decades of business.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -9.11%
  • 56-day change (%): -5.85%

24. – SFL – SFL Corporation Ltd.

7-day change (%): 8.71%

SFL Corporation Ltd. is an industrial services provider focused on transforming offshore structures and vessels. It has seen sustained and consistent growth in its market sector and established a strong portfolio of customers.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 16.27%
  • 56-day change (%): 19.60%

23. – PFGC – Performance Food Group Company

7-day change (%): 8.75%

Performance Food Group Co. is a leading food distributor in the US offering a range of products and services to restaurants, institutions and retailers. Its consistent growth over the years has made it a reliable stock for investors.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 1.66%
  • 56-day change (%): 9.05%

22. – IMGN – Immunogen Inc

7-day change (%): 8.84%

Immunogen Inc is a biotechnology company pioneering cutting-edge cancer treatments. They use targeted therapies to attack cancer cells without harming healthy ones, and have seen steady growth in efficacy and adoption since their inception.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -17.64%
  • 56-day change (%): -22.00%

21. – INBX – Inhibrx, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 9.09%

Inhibrx, Inc. Common Stock provides innovative immunotherapy treatments for rare and cancerous diseases. It has seen rapid growth in recent years, making it an attractive option for investors in the healthcare sector.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -30.87%
  • 56-day change (%): -33.64%

20. – ANF – Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

7-day change (%): 9.53%

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is a global specialty retailer of high-quality apparel and accessories. With a century of experience, its growth in the retail industry is robust and consistent.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 19.80%
  • 56-day change (%): 16.98%


7-day change (%): 9.58%

KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V. is a Dutch multinational technology company specializing in medical equipment, consumer electronics, lighting, and healthcare services. Its years of stability and growth have positioned it as a top 30 fast-growth stock.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -3.69%
  • 56-day change (%): 9.20%

18. – TH – Target Hospitality Corp. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 10.55%

Target Hospitality Corp. Common Stock provides opportunities in the travel hospitality sector. Its excellent performance has seen consistent growth, making it a reliable stock for investors.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 17.86%
  • 56-day change (%): 15.69%

17. – DLB – Dolby Laboratories, Inc.Class A

7-day change (%): 10.59%

Dolby Laboratories Inc. is a leader in audio, imaging and communication technology, with a legacy of steady growth. Class A shares enable investors to benefit from Dolby’s innovation in sound, imaging, and voice technologies for media and entertainment.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -4.49%
  • 56-day change (%): 4.79%

16. – BOOM – DMC Global Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 10.71%

DMC Global Inc. Common Stock is a leader in high-performance specialty industrial products. Their returns & user base have grown steadily over time, proving a reliable source of consistent growth within the industrial sector.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 30.19%
  • 56-day change (%): 45.82%

15. – HIPO – Hippo Holdings Inc.

7-day change (%): 10.94%

Hippo Holdings Inc. is a technology company specializing in insurance, digital engagement, and risk management. Steady growth since its founding has been sustained, making it a reliable option for long-term investors.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -38.43%
  • 56-day change (%): -36.43%

14. – CWCO – Consolidated Water Co Inc

7-day change (%): 11.27%

Consolidated Water Co Inc is a water treatment and distribution company, providing communities with clean, safe and reliable drinking water. Its growth is solid and steady, making it a great long-term investment.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 20.88%
  • 56-day change (%): 9.48%

13. – BLMN – Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 11.36%

Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. Common Stock is a specialty restaurant company that operates a portfolio of casual, upscale and fast casual dining restaurants. Its history demonstrates sound financial performance, supporting sustained growth in this industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 0.18%
  • 56-day change (%): 8.11%

12. – HRB – H&R Block, Inc.

7-day change (%): 11.90%

H&R Block, Inc. is a leader in the tax preparation and accounting services industry, with a long history of stable growth. It helps customers file taxes and manage their finances.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 16.98%
  • 56-day change (%): 20.86%

11. – ASLE – AerSale Corporation Common Stock

7-day change (%): 14.85%

AerSale Corporation Common Stock specializes in supplying, leasing, and maintaining mid-life and end-of-life aerospace assets. Its stock has experienced strong and stable growth over the years.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -15.43%
  • 56-day change (%): -16.38%

10. – FRHC – Freedom Holding Corp.

7-day change (%): 15.70%

Ranking 10th this week, Freedom Holding Corp. has demonstrated strong growth in the financial field. Founded in 2001, this company operates a broad range of services within the finance sector, ranging from banking and asset management to brokerage services. Over the past decade, Freedom Holding Corp. has successfully adapted and expanded its operations to stay at the forefront of the industry, consistently demonstrating steady growth and who have earned their 10th ranked position.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 8.71%
  • 56-day change (%): 10.87%

9. – NPWR – NET Power Inc.

7-day change (%): 16.39%

NET Power Inc. lands at ninth in this week’s top 30 fast-growth stocks rankings. A leading innovative energy company, NET Power is dedicated to the development and commercialization of clean, efficient and cost-effective power generation solutions. Their unique system is designed to generate electricity with near-zero emissions and position them as a leader in the low-carbon economy of the future. Their uninterrupted growth since 2011 is a testament to their progress in the clean energy sector.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 18.17%
  • 56-day change (%): 25.59%

8. – GAMB – Group Limited Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 18.96% Group Limited Ordinary Shares is featured this week in the top 8 of our weekly fast-growth stock rankings. The company is heavily invested in online gambling and betting, and its success is tangible as evidenced by its shares’ impressive performance over the years. It offers some of the safest and most comprehensive gambling services around, gaining it a loyal following of customers. It also operates in a heavily regulated industry, making it a reliable investment, as its operations have great long-term stability.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 21.99%
  • 56-day change (%): 45.59%

7. – GRPN – Groupon, Inc.Common Stock

7-day change (%): 18.97%

This week Groupon, Inc. Common Stock ranks at number 7. Groupon is a leader in e-commerce business,specializing in connecting merchants to consumers through technology-enabled experiences. With a steady increase in sales, Groupon has seen a significant growth in its market share since its inception in 2008. As the company continues to expand its reach, its stock is becoming more attractive to the everyday investor.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 66.27%
  • 56-day change (%): 105.65%

6. – HHRS – Hammerhead Energy Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 25.13%

This week, Hammerhead Energy Inc. Class A Common Stock is ranked 6 on our list of top 30 fast-growth stocks. A leader in the energy industry, Hammerhead is an innovative energy company focused on renewable energy solutions with a stable backdrop of impressive growth. Hammerhead offers electricity supplied by solar, wind, and water-based energy sources with clients including commercial businesses, government entities, and educational institutions. Hammerhead continually strives to develop more efficient and cost-effective products to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 56.21%
  • 56-day change (%): 67.12%

5. – LYTS – LSI Industries Inc

7-day change (%): 25.49%

This week, LSI Industries Inc. is ranked 5th amongst the top 30 fast-growth stocks. LSI Industries Inc. is a publicly traded company that caters to the lighting and graphics solutions industry. With experience and proficiency in the manufacturing and distribution of signage, graphics, and lighting products, its products are used mainly in the commercial and industrial markets. Consistent and rapid growth has been the name of the company’s game in the past few years, positioning it among the top names in its sector.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 30.06%
  • 56-day change (%): 29.96%

4. – BLTE – Belite Bio, Inc American Depositary Shares

7-day change (%): 33.30%

This week, Belite Bio, Inc American Depositary Shares has taken the 4th spot in our fast-growth stock rankings. Belite is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Belite had shown stable growth throughout its historical development and it is a well-respected company in the field.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 79.16%
  • 56-day change (%): 179.96%

3. – X – United States Steel Corporation

7-day change (%): 36.40%

This week, United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel) ranks at number 3 on the top 30 weekly fast-growth stock rankings. U.S. Steel is one of the world’s leading integrated steel producers with operations in North America and Europe. It produces a wide variety of steel sheet, tin plate, and other products, as well as tubular and specialty products in a range of shapes and sizes for the energy, automotive, appliance, construction, and other industries. The company has a long history of innovation, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, providing customers with competitively superior products. Its growth has been consistent in recent years, with market experts citing favorable pricing, rising exports, and strong demand in the auto sector. U.S. Steel’s continuing modernization and automation of its steel production process further strengthens its growth potential. Its innovative products have bolstered its standing among industry leaders, firmly placing it in the top 30 weekly fast-growth stock rankings.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 27.95%
  • 56-day change (%): 32.83%

2. – DLO – DLocal Limited Class A Common Shares

7-day change (%): 54.89%

This week, it’s a pleasure to introduce DLocal Limited Class A Common Shares in the rankings, currently positioned at the number two spot. DLocal is a payments technology company with a goal of providing solutions to making cross-border payments and commerce more fluid. It simplifies and integrates the way payments are made, providing a connection between thousands of merchants and buyers all around the world.

DLocal has been rapidly expanding and stands out as one of the fastest-growing companies in the field. By providing an efficient and effective platform, DLocal is impacting the international payments system through innovative technology. The company has had rapid success since being established in 2017, and growth has been seen across the business ever since. DLocal was the first Latin American, fintech ‘unicorn’: reaching a billion-dollar valuation in less than four years since its launch. As its position in the rankings shows, DLocal is still in a strong, healthy growth cycle and is enabling the development of digital ecosystems which will bring great benefits to the global payments system.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 32.70%
  • 56-day change (%): 61.78%

1. – HKIT – Hitek Global Inc. Ordinary Share

7-day change (%): 60.49%

This week, Hitek Global Inc. Ordinary Share (HTGX) takes the top spot as one of the fastest growing stocks in the market.

HTGX is a technology company focused on software development and innovation. The company works to create innovative cloud-based solutions that integrate with existing business ecosystems, enabling customers to maximize the potential of their existing systems and data.

HTGX also creates customized software solutions to help customers meet their specific needs. HTGX has plans to continue to expand their capabilities and offerings through the development and acquisition of new technologies.

The company has established itself as a leader in the technology field and has generated consistent growth since the start of its operations. The company’s commitment to innovation and reliable performance have earned it a loyal customer base who can be sure of steady growth.

Additionally, HTGX demonstrated its commitment to its clients last year when it delivered a fully developed cloud-based platform which enabled the company’s existing customers to maximize their data and system integration.

With a strong history of reliable performance and innovative products, HTGX continues to be one of the fastest growing stocks in the market. Its position on the leaderboard reflects its commitment to customers and its commitment to delivering reliable solutions.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 224.62%
  • 56-day change (%): 309.33%