Top 30 Weekly Stock to Buy: June 24, 2023

30. – XOMA – XOMA Corporation

7-day change (%): 8.25%

XOMA Corporation is a biotechnology company, focused on discovering and developing therapeutic antibodies. XOMA has a strong and stable track record of fast-growth, as it has consistently grown over the past three decades.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 5.71%
  • 56-day change (%): 0.65%

29. – KMX – CarMax Inc.

7-day change (%): 8.26%

CarMax Inc. is a leader in the used car market, offering quality and selection to its customers. Steady growth in recent years has made them a key player in their field, offering stability and continued success.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 18.94%
  • 56-day change (%): 23.10%

28. – VCEL – Vericel Corporation

7-day change (%): 8.35%

Vericel Corporation, a leading regenerative medicine and cell therapy company, specializes in developing treatments to repair and restore injured and degenerated tissues. The company boasts a steady history of fast growth, driven by innovative products and services.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 8.73%
  • 56-day change (%): 15.77%

27. – APOG – Apogee Enterprises Inc

7-day change (%): 8.67%

Apogee Enterprises Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of architectural glass and metal solutions for commercial construction emcompassing both innovative and sustainable technologies. They have a thirty-year history of strong, sustained growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 21.79%
  • 56-day change (%): 10.17%

26. – PHAT – Phathom Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 8.68%

Phathom Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock manufactures and markets treatments for rare diseases. With a strong track record of consistent growth since its founding, it is a highly sought after and stable investment.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 11.82%
  • 56-day change (%): 22.90%

25. – IMGN – Immunogen Inc

7-day change (%): 8.73%

Immunogen Inc is an Oncology focused biopharmaceutical company developing targeted anticancer therapeutics to fight hard-to-treat forms of the disease. Its consistent growth in the past makes it an attractive stock through its innovative approach.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 43.21%
  • 56-day change (%): 271.99%

24. – ODP – The ODP Corporation Common Stock

7-day change (%): 8.81%

The ODP Corporation Common Stock provides a stable growth history in the office supplies retailing industry, offering products to meet the needs of individual consumers and businesses.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 10.05%
  • 56-day change (%): 5.14%

23. – LOVE – The Lovesac Company Common Stock

7-day change (%): 8.87%

The Lovesac Company Common Stock is a home furnishings company that specializes in bean bag furniture. It has experienced steady growth over time and is a strong, reliable choice for diversifying any portfolio.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 21.47%
  • 56-day change (%): -1.45%

22. – EGRX – Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

7-day change (%): 9.01%

Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops and manufactures injectable drugs used in critical care and specialty therapeutic areas. Its consistently strong performance and steady growth has established it as a reliable and trusted partner in the specialty pharmaceuticals industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 0.59%
  • 56-day change (%): -26.75%

21. – OSTK – Inc

7-day change (%): 9.03% Inc (OSTK) is a publicly traded e-commerce giant that sells discount home goods, furniture, electronics, and more. Its consistent year-over-year growth is driven by strong online traffic and customer service.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 32.25%
  • 56-day change (%): 17.44%

20. – EVEX – Eve Holding, Inc.

7-day change (%): 9.04%

Eve Holding, Inc. is a leader in the technology sector. With a steady history of growth, they specialize in innovation, providing high quality, reliable solutions for businesses and consumers.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 28.20%
  • 56-day change (%): 37.56%

19. – ACRV – Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 9.20%

Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock offers innovative treatments for asymptomatic allergens, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Its steady and consistent growth in the past is promising for the company’s future.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 8.76%
  • 56-day change (%): 10.89%

18. – INGN – Inogen Inc

7-day change (%): 9.23%

Inogen Inc is a medical technology company specializing in oxygen concentrators and healthcare solutions. It has seen consistent growth in its 10-year history, making it a reliable fast-growth stock.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 4.41%
  • 56-day change (%): -12.85%

17. – PDCO – Patterson Companies, Inc.

7-day change (%): 9.26%

Patterson Companies, Inc. is a leading dental and animal healthcare supplier. It has experienced steady growth over the past decade, and continues to be a major player in the medical services industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 17.51%
  • 56-day change (%): 14.87%

16. – CAR – Avis Budget Group, Inc.

7-day change (%): 9.56%

Avis Budget Group, Inc. is a leading provider of rental cars and car sharing services. It offers a wide range of transportation solutions with steadily growing market share and strong investor confidence.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 37.32%
  • 56-day change (%): 26.68%

15. – KROS – Keros Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 9.76%

Keros Therapeutics develops biopharmaceutical products to improve health outcomes in treatments of diseases ranging from liver disorders to immune deficiencies. With sustained momentum and consistent growth, it has become an industry leader.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -15.61%
  • 56-day change (%): -6.48%

14. – COIN – Coinbase Global, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 10.58%

Coinbase Global, Inc. is a digital currency-focused financial services company that provides secure, reliable, and compliant access to digital currency markets. Offering secure and consistent growth over its history, Coinbase is a leader in cryptocurrency services.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 7.99%
  • 56-day change (%): 14.28%

13. – RIOT – Riot Platforms, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 11.54%

Riot Platforms, Inc. Common Stock is a technology company specializing in fast-growth, cloud-based enterprise software solutions. Its growth has been steady and reliable, with platform expansion into a variety of new markets.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 6.23%
  • 56-day change (%): -3.01%

12. – CAAP – Corporacion America Airports S.A.

7-day change (%): 11.66%

Corporacion America Airports S.A. is an airport management company. It specializes in operating, developing and managing airport infrastructure and services, ensuring stable and sustainable growth over its 40+ years in the market.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 9.89%
  • 56-day change (%): 10.20%

11. – MSTR – MicroStrategy Inc

7-day change (%): 12.17%

MicroStrategy Inc. is a software company offering enterprise intelligence, mobile, and security software solutions. With strong performance over the past decade and solid financials, it has become a leading player in the technology sector and is expected to maintain steady growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 15.44%
  • 56-day change (%): 0.22%

10. – LVWR – LiveWire Group, Inc.

7-day change (%): 12.70%

Ranking 10th on this week’s top 30 fast-growth stock ranking, LiveWire Group, Inc. is a premier technology-focused company that designs and develops cutting-edge solutions for the healthcare and finance fields. Founded in 2018, the company boasts a long record of success, offering secure, scalable, and cost-effective services to clients worldwide. With consistent growth over the past two years, LiveWire Group, Inc. is positioned to continue leading the industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 35.78%
  • 56-day change (%): 45.42%

9. – SWBI – Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 13.24%

This week Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. Common Stock ranks 9th in our top 30 weekly fast-growth stocks index. Smith & Wesson is a Global provider of firearms and accessory products, as well as security solutions for civilians, law enforcement, and military customers. The company has a solid and reliable record of steady growth over the past years and continues to build its presence in the firearms industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 10.29%
  • 56-day change (%): 12.40%

8. – ZUMZ – Zumiez Inc.

7-day change (%): 15.87%

Zumiez Inc. is in this week’s Top 30 Fast-Growth Stocks at 8th place. The company is an action sports specialist that offers a variety of clothing and accessories for skateboarding and other related activities. Its immense growth in the apparel industry has enabled Zumiez to create a loyal customer base since its establishment 14 years ago. This sustained growth has made Zumiez one of the most successful apparel companies in the industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): -0.59%
  • 56-day change (%): -3.52%

7. – ZURA – Zura Bio Limited Class A Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 18.99%

Zura Bio Limited Class A Ordinary Shares has achieved the #7 spot in this week’s Top 30 Weekly Fast-Growth Stock rankings. The company focuses on discovering and developing innovative therapies based on gene-based technology in oncology and neurology diseases. With strong research and development capabilities, it has recorded impressive growth in its history and has solidified itself as a leader in its field.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 98.24%
  • 56-day change (%): 65.64%

6. – SRDX – Surmodics, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.62%

This week, Surmodics, Inc. Common Stock earns a ranking of 6, taking a strong position on the list. Surmodics is a medical technology company that focuses on developing and marketing medical devices, drug delivery systems and biomaterials for the medical device industry. The technology behind Surmodics has a long history of stable growth and reliability, ensuring that the company will continue to successful in its industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 69.78%
  • 56-day change (%): 30.21%

5. – CVAC – CureVac N.V. Ordinary Shares

7-day change (%): 19.63%

This week, CureVac N.V. Ordinary Shares ranks 5th in our fast-growth stocks. The biopharmaceutical company uses cutting-edge RNA technology to develop novel drugs with a therapeutic focus on cancer and other diseases. They are quickly gaining traction as their vaccine pipeline is showing promising results with accelerated development of their mRNA-based vaccine candidate for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection. CuresVac has long held a reputation for well-considered investments and consistent growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 33.88%
  • 56-day change (%): 66.21%

4. – SHC – Sotera Health Company Common Stock

7-day change (%): 19.77%

Sotera Health Company Common Stock ranks 4th this week in our top 30 weekly fast-growth stocks. It is a global diversified healthcare company that provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services such as infection prevention, specialty pharmacy, and medical supplies. Its experienced team of experts have enabled the company to deliver high quality services and products, contributing to its strong track record of consistent and stable growth.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 25.63%
  • 56-day change (%): 7.27%

3. – MARA – Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 27.35%

This week, Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. Common Stock (symbol:MARA) is ranked 3rd in our Top 30 Fast Growth Stocks. Marathon Digital Holdings is a cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology infrastructure provider, offering a variety of solutions and services to businesses, miners, and other users of blockchain technology. The company strives to be the world’s largest globally diversified operator of cryptocurrency mining farms. With their rapidly expanding infrastructure and technology platforms, and their team of highly experienced professionals, Marathon Digital Holdings continues to set the standard for companies in the blockchain technology industry.

The company has displayed an impressive level of stability and growth over its history. Over the past several years, Marathon Digital Holdings has continually increased their operating capabilities and expanded their offering of products and services. This has been made possible by the company’s extensive knowledge, focus and commitment to providing only the highest quality solutions and services. As of writing, the company’s stock value has increased by around 155% in 2021 alone, showing investors’ ongoing confidence in the company’s growth potential. Moving forward, the company is actively working on expanding its operations even further and solidifying its leadership in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 42.33%
  • 56-day change (%): 26.22%

2. – VERA – Vera Therapeutics, Inc. Class A Common Stock

7-day change (%): 34.19%

Vera Therapeutics comes in second place in this week’s top 30 fast-growth stock rankings. Vera Therapeutics is a scientific biotechnology company that focuses on providing innovative therapies to treat rare genetic metabolic diseases and chronic neurocognitive disorders. With a commitment to meaningful research, Vera Therapeutics has developed multiple programs through the use of its gene therapy platform targeting both metabolic and neurological development. This platform enables Vera Therapeutics to develop precision medicines that alter the genetic make-up of diseases such as glycogen storage disease type Ia and Thyroid hormone-resistant congenital hypothyroidism.

The company has continued to experience a steady period of growth, resulting in a strong and responsive team that is highly experienced in the field of rare diseases. Vera has achieved a series of milestones, from research and development to obtaining various certifications and FDA approvals. The company’s confidence in tackling rare diseases has been further reinforced by collaborations with key industry partners.

Overall, Vera Therapeutics is a rising force in the healthcare industry and continues to forge pathways into the rare diseases arena, making them a viable competitor for top spots in stock rankings. The combination of experienced researchers, interesting platform technologies, and FDA-approved products can be considered as factors that allow Vera Therapeutics to become one of the top 30 fast-growth stocks this week.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 126.94%
  • 56-day change (%): 159.70%

1. – DICE – DICE Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock

7-day change (%): 37.96%

DICE Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock’s ranking this week is the highest – #1. It has sustained a supercharged and stable growth throughout its company’s launched history. DICE Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company which develops and commercialises gene-based drug therapies through its cutting-edge technology. Its integration of gene-based therapies and bioengineering is used to treat various diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and immune-mediated disorders. The company’s proprietary gene editing technology helps provide more effective treatments to those who require it. It also offers companion diagnostics and therapeutic antibody-drug conjugates which are used to improve patient response outcomes. DICE Therapeutics, Inc. has developed an innovative platform that leverages its gene-editing technology to develop therapies that have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases. This will help to revolutionize the way drugs are developed and brings new potential treatments to the clinic. The company’s potential to supply more efficient treatments to patients has driven its growth and success over the years.

Past Growth

  • 28-day change (%): 42.33%
  • 56-day change (%): 43.69%